Locating an Object Map Item in the Test Application

After you add or record an object map item, you can click Locate to highlight the item in the test application. You might want to highlight an item to confirm that it's the item that you want to modify in the object map.

  1. Choose View > Asset Browser or select Get Started > Asset Browser in the Start Screen.
  2. From the Asset Types list, select Object Map. Any existing object maps for the selected project display in the right pane.
    Tip: If you do not see the object map that you want to edit, ensure that the correct project is selected in the Active Project list.
  3. Choose one of the following:
    • Double-click the object map that you want to use.
    • Right-click the object map that you want to use and choose Open.
    The object map displays a hierarchy of the object map items and the locator associated with each item.
    Note: If another user is currently editing the object map that you select, a message box notifies you and names the user who currently has the object map locked.
  4. Click Edit. By default, the object map is read only. Clicking Edit gives you read/write access and ensures that no other users can edit the entries while you are modifying them. You can also press F2 to edit the currently selected field in the object map. The Edit button changes to Revert. If you want to undo any changes that you make during this session, click Revert.
  5. In the object map hierarchy, select the object map item that you want to highlight in the test application.
    Note: Ensure that only one instance of the test application is running. Running multiple instances of the test application will cause an error because multiple objects will match the locator.
  6. Click Locate. The Select Application dialog box might open if the test application has not been associated with the object map. If this happens, select the application that you want to test and then click OK. If you select the incorrect application in the Select Application dialog box, click Change Application and Locate from the Locate submenu. The Select Application dialog box opens and you can select the correct test application. Silk Test Workbench opens the test application and displays a green box around the control that the object map item represents.