Using the Result Window Tabs

To quickly view test result information, the Result window contains five tabs which function as filters that organize and display specific types of result information.

  1. Click Go to Result on the Playback Complete dialog box.
    The Result window opens to the Summary tab by default. The Summary tab provides an overview of the test run including information such as whether the playback was successful or not, the latest run number, the number of verifications that passed or failed, the start time and end time of the test, and other basic information about the result of the test run.
  2. Click the Details tab. The Details tab displays the result of every step using the four panes of the Visual Navigator:
    Test Steps

    Lists information about the playback result of each step in the visual test.

    Screen Preview

    Displays the Web application screens captured during playback.


    Displays the properties of a step.


    Provides a graphical outline and overview of a result.

    Note: The Passed, Failed, and Flags tabs also display result information using the Visual Navigator. The only difference is that these tabs display specific types of steps, whereas, the Details tab displays every step.
  3. Select any step. Silk Test Workbench updates the other panes with information specific to the selected step. In the Screen Preview, the screen captured during playback is compared against the screen captured when the visual test was first recorded. In the Properties pane, the properties of the selected step are listed. And in the Storyboard, the group of steps in which the step occurs is highlighted.
    Tip: To view the entire name of the step, you might have to expand the Steps column or move your pointer over the step to display a ToolTip containing the entire name.