Playing Back Visual Tests

Once a visual test is recorded, you can play it back at any time. Test steps execute in sequence from top to bottom. During playback, the visual test drives the test application according to the recorded or added actions. You can observe these actions taking place on the screen. The actions are performed at the fastest speed allowed by the application's responses. Visual tests can be played back at speeds much greater than manual execution.

Because visual test are recorded on the object level, without reference to an object’s position on the screen, playback is also object-oriented. This means that Silk Test Workbench interacts directly with objects. It does not matter if there have been environmental changes or changes in the test application, visual tests will still play back properly.

Whenever a visual test is played back, Silk Test Workbench repeats all the actions recorded in the test and conducts the verifications or other actions that have been recorded or added.