Setting Up a Visual Test to Automatically Respond to Errors Using the Properties Pane

You can configure visual tests to anticipate and automatically respond to playback errors. Set up visual tests to handle errors within its own steps, or to open another visual test containing steps that provide specific error handling instructions. To set up a visual test to handle errors, create an On Error step.

  1. Open the visual test in which you want to set up error handling.
  2. Select the step that precedes where you want to create the On Error step.
  3. Choose Insert > Error Handling. The On Error step is created after the selected step. Properties for the On Error step display in the Properties pane.
  4. Select the newly created step to display its properties in the Properties pane.
  5. In the Properties pane for the On Error step, click the toolbar buttons to group properties by category or to sort alphabetically.
  6. Update the On error go to properties to assign the playback setting and its value. If the Action to take property for the error handler is Go to, specify a label in the visual test for the error handler to navigate to.
The On Error step executes whenever an error is encountered during playback.