Renaming an Asset

After you create and save an asset, you can rename it at any time.

  1. Choose View > Asset Browser or select Get Started > Asset Browser in the Start Screen.
  2. Select the appropriate asset type in the Asset Types list to display the list of assets.
  3. In the right pane of the Asset Browser, right-click the asset you want to rename and choose Rename. You can also select the asset that you want to rename and press F2. The Rename Asset dialog box opens.
  4. Type a new name for the asset. and type a description for the asset.
  5. Optional: Change the project where the asset resides to move the asset to another project. For example, use this when trying to move visual tests or VB .NET scripts to another project.
  6. Optional: Type a description for the asset.
  7. Click OK.
  8. If the asset is referenced by other assets, specify what to do:
    • To rename the asset and to update the references, click Rename this asset and update references.
    • To rename the asset without updating the references, click Rename this asset only.
      Note: The referencing assets might not playback correctly.
    • To cancel renaming the asset, click Cancel.
    If you are moving the asset to a different project, and the new project is not referenced by the projects of a referencing asset, an error icon is shown for the referencing asset. Hover the mouse cursor over the error icon to see information about the error.