View Menu

The View menu contains the following commands:

Command Description
Go To

Contains a submenu with commands to navigate to one or more of the following:

Details page – Navigates from a selected step in the Passed or Failed tab of a result to the same selected step in the Details tab of a result.

Visual test Window – Navigates from the result window to the visual test window.

Result Window – Navigates from the visual test window to the result window.

Logic Toolbox Displays the Test Logic Toolbox, which provides links to the Test Logic Designer.
Open in New Window Displays a selected image in the Screen Preview or a selected result in a new window.
Test Steps

Toggles display of specific steps in the Test Steps or Results window of the Visual Navigator.

Steps Only – Displays steps that perform test actions against the test application.

Screens Only – Displays steps that show screens associated with the test.

Steps and Screens – Displays steps that both perform actions and show screens.

Step Description – Displays any descriptions entered against the displayed test steps.


Displays result information in the Details tab of the Results window.

Basic View – Displays the standard Test Step pane information with the additional columns of Result and Result Detail.

Advanced View – Displays detailed information for each step.

Start Screen (Ctrl+Alt+S) Displays the Start Screen.
Asset Browser (Ctrl+Alt+A) Opens the Asset Browser.
Error List Displays errors in red in the Test Steps pane.
Output Displays the Output window.
Includes Displays the Includes window.
Keywords Displays the Keywords Editor, which lists all keywords in the active project as well as any keywords that have been defined in an integrated Silk Central instance.
Refresh Refreshes the window.
Zoom Magnifies or reduces the size of the current image in the Screen Preview. Enabled when the application window is in focus.
Toolbars Displays or hides the toolbars.
Status Bar Displays the status bar, which shows current session information.
Restore Layout Restores the layout in the Visual Navigator to the original view setting.