Running a Database Integrity Check

To successfully run a database integrity check, you require writing permissions on the Silk Test installation directory. During the database integrity check, Silk Test Workbench writes the results of the database integrity check into this directory. If you do not have the writing permissions, your database might get locked for maintenance.

Use the Database Maintenance utility to verify the integrity of a database, and to correct errors it may encounter.

  1. Open the database, and choose Tools > Run Integrity Check. The Verifying Assets message box appears and give the status of the integrity check. If no errors are found, the message box closes. If an error is encountered, a message box appears prompting you to view the results.
  2. Click Yes to view the results of the integrity check. The results display in your default text editor. The file containing the results of the integrity checks is saved in a file named IntegrityCheck.log in the Silk Test logs directory, which is typically %LOCALAPPDATA%\Silk\Silk Test\logs.