Modifying a Script that is Inserted in a Visual Test

After a script has been inserted into a visual test, you can edit it and configure the settings used to play it back.

  1. Open the script that you want to change, modify it, and then save the script. For example, you might modify the input or output parameters in the script.
  2. Open the visual test in which you inserted the script that you modified.
  3. In the Test Steps pane, select the step in the visual test that executes the script. The step text looks similar to Playback .NET Script 'asset name', where asset name is the name of the inserted script.

    Properties for the step display in the Properties pane. This includes any input and output parameters for the script.

  4. In the Properties pane for the step, expand the .NET Script category. The name of the inserted script displays in the Name row.
    1. To change the script that is inserted in the visual test, click Browse for .NET Scripts and select the script that you want to use.
    2. To update the parameter names only, click Update Parameter Names and then click Yes when prompted.
    3. To reload the available parameters, click Refresh Parameters and then click Yes when prompted.
    4. To change the playback settings, select another value from the Playback settings list.