Help on Help

This section includes information about:

  • Silk Test Workbench Help
  • Typographic Conventions Used in the Help

Silk Test Workbench Help

The Silk Test Workbench Help includes conceptual overviews and procedural how-to topics. These topic types allow you to navigate from general to more specific information as needed.

Conceptual Overviews
The conceptual overviews provide information about product architecture, components, and other information you need to work with Silk Test. At the end of most of the overviews, you will find links to related, more detailed information.
How-To Procedures
The how-to procedures provide step-by-step instructions. At the end of most of the procedures, you will find links to related procedures. Additionally, most of the conceptual overviews provide links to the pertinent procedures.

Typographic Conventions Used in the Help

The following typographic conventions are used in the Silk Test Workbench Help.

Convention Used to indicate
Monospace type

Source code and text that you must type.


References to dialog boxes and other user interface elements.


Identifiers, such as variables. Italicized text is also used to emphasize new terms.