Controlling Step Execution During Visual Test Playback

While debugging a visual test or at a breakpoint, you can control which step sequentially executes next in the visual test. By moving the execution point, you can resume playback at a selected step in another part of the visual test without executing any other steps.

The Set Run pointer/next Statement command sets the execution point to the step that you choose. This feature is only available while at a breakpoint during debugging.

Use the Set Run pointer/next Statement command when you want to re-run a statement within the current procedure or to skip over steps in your visual test you do not want to play back. While debugging a visual test, this feature lets you control flow to aid in error recognition and reduce the time needed to diagnose and fix errors.

  1. While debugging or at a breakpoint during playback, select the next step you want to execute. Select any step in the visual test.
  2. Choose Debug > Set Run pointer/next Statement. The yellow execution arrow moves to the selected step and highlights the step in yellow.
  3. Press F5 to resume playback at the selected step or press F8 to playback only the selected step. After the selected step executes, playback suspends, and Silk Test Workbench returns to debug mode. The execution point goes to the next sequential step.