Recording a Visual Test: Introduction

As you perform actions to create an insurance quote request in the sample Web application, Silk Test Workbench records the actions as steps. Steps form the basis of a visual test. When you have completed recording actions needed for a test, you can see the recorded test in the Visual Navigator. Steps display in the Test Steps pane of the Visual Navigator.

Note: The sample application used in this tutorial is designed and optimized to run on Internet Explorer. To ensure a user experience consistent with the lessons in the tutorial, Micro Focus does not recommend running the tutorial sample application on one of the other supported browsers instead of Internet Explorer.
Note: Before you record or playback web applications, disable all browser add-ons that are installed in your system. To disable add-ons in Internet Explorer, click Tools > Internet Options, click the Programs tab, click Manage add-ons, select an add-on and then click Disable.