Assigning Values to Parameters in a Visual Test

To pass data between visual tests, one of the visual tests must be called as a test step from within the other visual test. We will refer to the calling visual test as the host test and to the called visual test as the child test. To pass parameters during execution from the child test to the host test, open the host test and assign values to the parameters in the child test.
Note: Before you can assign values to parameters in a visual test, the parameters need to be added to the visual test. For additional information, see Adding Parameters to a Visual Test.
Tip: To see the values of parameters passed between visual tests, add result comment steps into the visual test. For the comment Expression property, select Variable, then select a parameter from the list that contains the passed value.
  1. Open the host test.
  2. In the Test Steps pane, select the step that plays back the child test that contains the parameters. The step text looks like Playback visual test [asset name], where [asset name] is the name of the child test.

    Properties for the step display in the Properties pane. These properties include the parameters that have been set up as visual test parameters. These are in the categories Input parameters and Output parameters. Each parameter is listed by its data type. The property name for each parameter is its parameter name.

    If the parameters do not display in the Properties pane, reload the child test. To do this, select the Name property and click Refresh Parameters to update the list of parameters.

  3. Select a parameter.
  4. Click Edit Parameter. The Edit Parameter dialog box opens.
  5. Type a value for the parameter into the Initial Value field,
  6. Repeat the previous step to assign values to other parameters.