Recording the Second Visual Test

In this section of the lesson, you record a second visual test for the tutorial and learn an alternate way to create a visual test asset.

  1. Choose File > New.
    The New Asset dialog box opens.
  2. Select Visual test from the asset types list, and then type a name for the visual test asset in the Asset name text box.
    For this tutorial, type AddAccount for the name.
  3. Check the Begin Recording check box to start recording immediately.
  4. Click OK to save the visual test as an asset and begin recording.
    The Configure Test dialog box opens.
  5. Select the Web tab.
  6. Select Internet Explorer from the list.
  7. From the Home page of the sample application, click Sign Up in the Login section. The Create A New Account page opens.
  8. Provide the following information in the appropriate fields. Press the Tab key to move from one field to the next.
    Field Name Value
    First Name Pat
    Last Name Smith
    Birthday February 12, 1990
    Note: Click the down arrow next to the month and year in the calendar control to change the month and year and then select 12 on the calendar.
    E-Mail Address
    Mailing Address 1212 Test Way
    City San Diego
    State CA
    Postal Code 92121
    Password test
  9. Click Sign Up.
  10. Click Continue. The contact information is displayed.
  11. Click Home near the top of the page to return to the home page where recording started.
  12. Click Log Out.
  13. Press Alt+F10 to complete recording. The Recording Complete dialog box opens.
  14. Click Save. The visual test opens in the Visual Navigator.