Updating a Database Version

When upgrading Silk Test Workbench to the current version, the existing database must be converted to be compatible with the new software. Silk Test Workbench automatically checks the database schema version when a database is loaded and displays a warning if database upgrading is required. The warning appears any time the database schema is not the same as the current Silk Test Workbench schema. The database can be converted with the Database Maintenance utility.

The conversion speed is related to the amount of data being converted. Databases with large amounts of data may experience long conversion times. After the conversion, the current database version number appears.

Note: When you convert the database to a new schema, you can no longer access the database with an older version of Silk Test Workbench, which means all Silk Test Workbench users will have to upgrade to the new version of Silk Test Workbench.
  1. If necessary, cancel the Silk Test Workbench logon request and ensure that users are not logged on to the database.
  2. Start the Database Maintenance utility and open the database. The Database Maintenance utility main window appears.
  3. Click File > Open Database and select the type of database. The Database Connection dialog box appears.
  4. Type the database name and password or click Browse.
  5. Click Open. If the database requires updating, a message box appears informing you to click Tools > Convert to update the database.
  6. Click OK. The database opens and the Database Maintenance utility’s Tools menu options are enabled.
  7. Click Convert. The Convert Database dialog box opens and asks if the current database should be backed up prior to conversion. Choose to back up the database.
  8. Click Convert Now to update a database to the current schema version.
  9. Click Close when the conversion completes.