Asset Browser

Use the Asset Browser to manage test assets. The Asset Browser provides a single point for creating, managing, and viewing assets for each asset type in the database. Press Ctrl+Alt+A at any time or click Asset Browser from the Tasks pane of the Start Screen to display the Asset Browser.

To view the existing items of an asset type, click the type name under Asset Types. A list of related assets displays on the right. To rename, delete, or duplicate assets, right-click an asset and choose the appropriate command. To view asset properties, select an asset and choose File > Summary Information.

To create a new asset, right-click the asset type and choose New. New assets are added to the currently active project.

As tests are developed, a large number of assets may be created. You can modify the view of the assets in several ways so that you can find the items you want.

Controls in the Asset Browser include the following:

Active Project
Set the active project. This is the default project to which new test assets are added. When you change the active project, the assets in the new active project are automatically displayed.
Check or clear project names to select the projects whose assets you want to view. The assets of the active project are always displayed.
Filter assets based on set criteria, such as who created or last modified the asset, or when the asset was created or last modified.
Asset Types
Select an asset type from the list to view the test assets available to the selected projects, based on any applied filters. For additional information, see Asset Types.
Assets List
Displays the assets of the selected type for the selected projects, based on any applied filters.
Open Item
Type the name of an asset to open.

In addition to using these controls to manage assets in the Asset Browser, you can:

Note: To manage a large number of assets, you can open multiple instances of the Asset Browser. The maximum number of Asset Browser instances you can open is 32.