Reviewing the Recorded Script

Silk Test Workbench records all actions in all applications other than itself. If you followed the instructions carefully, Silk Test Workbench captured only the actions performed on the sample application Web site. Silk Test Workbench repeats these actions during playback.

Your script should look similar to the following sample.
Imports SilkTest.Ntf.XBrowser
Public Module Main
	Dim _desktop As Desktop = Agent.Desktop

	Public Sub Main()
		With _desktop.BrowserApplication("webBrowser")
			With .BrowserWindow("browserWindow")
				.DomElement("img").DomClick(MouseButton.Left, New Point(8, 9))
				.DomElement("lexus").DomClick(MouseButton.Left, New Point(87, 7))
				.DomElement("img3").DomClick(MouseButton.Left, New Point(11, 10))
				.DomElement("rX400").DomClick(MouseButton.Left, New Point(96, 11))
			End With
		End With
	End Sub
End Module

Your script may not exactly match the preceding example. Different users interact with applications differently. For example, when filling out a form, some users click from field to field and others use the Tab key. Silk Test Workbench records these actions differently, though they achieve the same results. Your script should play back correctly regardless of these differences.