Run Status Types

Silk Test Workbench assigns a run status for each test run of a result based on the performance of the test during playback. The run status is displayed in the Overall result for run text box on the Summary tab of a result.

The run status is dependent on the result pass criteria percentage, which specifies a percentage of passed verifications to define the success of the test run. For example, a pass criteria of 90% means that at least 9 out of 10 verifications in a test must pass for the result of the playback to pass.

Run Status Types

The run status types include:

Type Description
Passed A Passed run status indicates successful test playback. If a test contains any verifications, a Passed status also indicates that the result pass criteria percentage was met.
A Failed run status indicates that a test contains verifications that failed during playback and that the percentage of failed verifications did not meet the result pass criteria percentage.
Note: By default, the result pass criteria is set at 100%. To modify this option, click Criteria on the Result window toolbar.
Playback Error

A Playback Error run status indicates that a result contains steps that did not perform successfully. Examples include the following:

  • Steps that reference a column in an ActiveData file that does not exist
  • Steps that reference a local variable that does not exist
  • Steps that run a timer that has not yet been started

For more information about the status of a step in a result, see Step Status Types.