Edit Menu

The Edit menu contains the following commands:

Command Description
Undo (Ctrl+Z) Reverses the previous edit. Not available when comparing or merging assets.
Redo (Ctrl+Y) Reverses the previous Undo action. Not available when comparing or merging assets.
Cut (Ctrl+X) Cuts a selected item and moves it to the clipboard.
Copy (Ctrl+C) Copies a selected item.
Paste (Ctrl+V) Pastes a selected item.
Select All (Ctrl+A) Selects all test steps in the current visual test or code lines in the current test script.
Find and Replace Find specific code within a script and replace it if necessary.
Go To Line (Ctrl+G) Goes to a specific line in a script.
Bookmarks Toggle bookmarks on or off, navigate to the previous or next bookmark, or clear bookmarks in scripts.
Comment Line (Ctrl+K) Disable one or more currently selected lines in a script by commenting them out. You can use this shortcut to comment out entire blocks of code. You can also use Ctrl+F11.
Uncomment Line (Ctrl+Shift+K) Re-enable one or more selected lines in a script by un-commenting them.
Flag Edits or removes the currently selected flag.
Update Screen Updates screen information from the test application for a selected test step. The screen from the test application must be running, and the step requiring update must be selected.
Criteria Displays the Criteria dialog box, which lets you set the percentage of verifications that must pass in a playback for the overall verifications to pass.
Manage Filters Displays the Manage Filters dialog box, which is used to filter the data displayed for results. Filters are applied to both the Summary view and Details view regardless of what view is currently visible.