Test Step Icons

Icons graphically represent commonly performed actions in test steps in a visual test. Graphics display in the Test Step column of the Test Steps window. Commonly used actions and their icons are shown in the following table.

Step Type Icon Description
Screen capture Screen icon Indicates that a screen capture occurs for this step during playback.
Object classes various Each UI object class has a unique test step icon. For instance, the Window class icon looks like Window icon while the TextField class looks like TextField class icon.
Wait for object Wait For Object icon Indicates that a Wait for object property has been inserted.
Decision logic If Statement icon Executes an If statement, Else If, or End If statement.
Repeat test logic Repeat Icon Executes a sequence of steps a specified number of times.
Verification logic Verification Icon Validates the condition stated in the Condition property for the step.
Error handling logic Error Handling Icon Performs error handling.
Visual test Visual Test Within Visual Test Icon Plays back the named visual test.
External program Launch Program Icon Launches the named external program according to the step's attributes.
Expression Expression Icon Contains an expression or formula.
Result comment Result Comment Icon Contains a comment for a result.
Label Label Icon Contains a label.