Result Window Toolbar

The Result window toolbar contains the following buttons and drop-down list for customizing the display and type of content found in a result:

  • Filter Results By Type Selection – Provides quick access to all pre-defined and user-defined result filters. Select a filter from the list.
  • Manage Filters – Opens the Manage Filters dialog box from which you can create, edit, duplicate, and apply result filters.
  • Criteria – Displays the Criteria dialog box from which you can set a percentage of passed verifications as the criteria to define the success of all future runs. For example, a pass criteria of 90% means that at least 9 out of 10 verifications in a visual test or script must pass for the result of the playback to pass. Setting this option updates the Result pass criteria (percentage) option. This percentage is applied to all future results.
  • Show All Runs – Opens the Run Detail dialog box, which lists the results of all test runs of the test, and whether the test run passed or failed. From this dialog box, you can open or delete any result.
  • Refresh – Refreshes the current result.
  • View – Sets the type of steps to appear in the Test Steps pane. Click the drop-down arrow next to this button and select to view either steps only, screens only, or both. Additionally, you can choose to view the Step Description column. The selected view is applied to each tab (Passed, Failed, Flags, and Details) in the Result window.
  • Basic View – Displays the standard Test Steps pane columns and corresponding properties in the Properties pane.
  • Advanced View – Displays additional columns in the Test Steps pane and corresponding properties in the Properties pane. To make the additional columns visible in the Test Steps pane, you may need to scroll to the right.