Recording Additional Actions at a Specific Test Step

Once a visual test step is created, you can open it and record additional actions from any point in the test. This allows you to update an existing test with additional actions when needed.

  1. Open an existing visual test.
  2. Select the test step after which you want to record additional actions.
    Note: Recorded actions are inserted after the selected location. The application under test (AUT) does not return to the base state. Instead, the AUT opens to the scope in which the preceding actions in the test script were recorded.
  3. Click Actions > Record. Silk Test Workbench minimizes and the Recording window opens.
  4. Record the additional actions that you want to perform against the AUT. During recording the Silk Test Workbench icon on the task bar flashes.For information about the actions available during recording, see Actions Available During Recording.
  5. To stop recording, click Stop in the Recording window. You can also stop recording by pressing the stop recording key combination, which by default is Alt+F10, or by clicking the Silk Test Workbench task bar icon.