Editing a Condition Using the Condition Designer

  1. Select the Condition property in the Properties pane of a test step in a visual test, and then click Condition Designer. The Condition Designer opens.
  2. To edit the values of an existing condition, select the condition to edit in the Conditions table. List arrows appear in the Logic, Operator, and Evaluate as columns. To edit a value in one of these columns, select the desired item from the list. In the Value 1 and Value 2 columns, double-click in the column cell of the selected condition to open the Select the Condition dialog box. From this dialog box, you can edit either value.
  3. To edit the order of compound conditions, select the condition to edit the order of, and then click Move Up or Move Down. You can move a condition containing a logical operator (AND, OR) to the first row of the Conditions table. However, the logical operator does not move with the condition. It remains in the second row to preserve the conditional logic structure.
  4. Click OK.