Creating an Asset Using the Asset Browser

Most assets are created by inserting them in an existing visual test or script, or creating them during recording. However, you can create assets using the Asset Browser.

  1. Choose View > Asset Browser or select Get Started > Asset Browser in the Start Screen.
  2. Select the appropriate asset type in the Asset Types list to display the list of assets.
  3. In the asset list, right-click the asset to create, and choose New > Asset Type to create a new asset of this type. To view a list of all asset types, choose New. All assets must follow asset naming conventions. New assets are added to the currently active project and are available only to other assets in that project or to assets in a project that references the active project. Change an active project by selecting it from the Active list in the Projects area of the window. Use the Common project to store assets used in multiple projects. Assets in the Common project are available to all projects that reference the Common project.