Unlocking Database Records

When an asset is open, its records are locked to prevent other users from editing the same asset simultaneously. When saving the resource or closing the system, the locks are removed. If you experience a system crash, it is possible that records that were in use remain locked on startup. Silk Test Workbench attempts to unlock records that were inadvertently locked, and originally intended to remain unlocked, after a system crash.

Ensure that all users are logged off the system before using the program. If there are users connected, a message appears.

  1. Start the Database Maintenance utility and open the database.
  2. Click Unlock Records. If there are users connected to the database a message similar to the following appears: Database Maintenance found connected users...
  3. Click OK. The Connected Users dialog box opens. The machine names of current connected users display in the Users list.
  4. Click Send to send a notice advising these users to log off. Once they are logged off, repeat steps 1 and 2 to unlock the database records.
    Note: To send a message to connected users, you must enable the Messenger service on your operating system. To do so, click Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services, and then select Messenger and start the service.