Tracking Variables During Playback

In Debug mode, you can track the playback values of both local and reserved variables using the Local Variables window.

In this section of the lesson, you will learn how to use the Local Variables window to view the value of the local variable you created in a previous lesson.

  1. Choose Debug > Local Variables. The Local Variables window opens.
  2. Expand the Local and visual test variables node. The local variable you created in a previous lesson, strEmailAddress, appears. During playback, the value for this variable will appear in the Value column once the step using the variable executes. The result looks like the following graphic:
    Monitor Variables

    Note: If you want to see the variable values in the Local Variables window but your test does not have any errors, insert a breakpoint in the visual test. To insert a breakpoint, select the step following the variable step, choose Debug > Set/Clear Breakpoint and then playback the test.
  3. To see how the Run to Cursor debugging works, select the step Click 'Lexus' at 24,9 and then choose Debug > Run to Cursor. Silk Test Workbench plays back the remaining steps until the step Click 'Lexus' at 24,9, and then displays the AutoQuote visual test.

Now you are ready to complete the playback of the modular test and review the test results.