Customizing Visual Navigator Layout

You can dock, hide, or resize the Screen Preview, Properties, and Storyboard panes in the Visual Navigator.

  1. Each pane and related window in the Visual Navigator display a pushpin in the upper-right corner. Click the pushpin to hide a pane. The pane hides and appears as a tab docked to the border of the Visual Navigator window.
  2. Position your pointer over the tab to temporarily display the pane.
  3. Click the tab to temporarily re-dock the pane.
  4. When the pane reappears, click the pushpin to permanently re-dock the pane.
  5. To adjust the pane size within the Visual Navigator, position the cursor between the panes to be resized. The mouse cursor changes to a horizontal or vertical divider. Click and drag the divider to adjust the size of the two panes.
  6. Choose View > Restore Layout to reset Visual Navigator layout to the default view.