Updating From the Screen Preview

When Silk Test Workbench records a visual test, it captures screens from the test application in addition to the associated controls for each screen. In the Screen Preview, Silk Test Workbench displays each captured screen and highlights the control that is identified by a given step in the visual test. From the Screen Preview, you can update a step by identifying a different control in the captured screen without accessing the test application.

In this lesson, you will select a different button from the captured screen in the Screen Preview using Silk Test Workbench's Insert Control From Screen Preview feature.

  1. In the Test Steps pane of the AutoQuote visual test, select the step before the <<End>> step. The step text is similar to the following: Click 'Home' at 40, 5.

    The Screen Preview displays the Purchase A Quote page and highlights the Home button.

  2. In the Screen Preview, click Actions > Zoom > 75%, then use the scroll bars to position the screen so that the Contact Us button is clearly visible.
  3. In the Properties pane, click the Locator text box. The locator selection buttons display in the value area of the locator.
  4. In the Properties pane, click Identify from the screen preview.
    Note: If the button is disabled, you have not enabled browser control capturing before recording the visual test.
    The pointer moves to the Screen Preview.
  5. Move the pointer over the Contact Us button and then click the Contact Us button.

    When you click the button, the Locator property in the Properties pane changes to display the new locator name for the button, and the step text in the Test Steps pane changes to the following: Click 'Contact Us' at 40,5.

  6. Click Save.

The next time you play back the visual test, Silk Test Workbench clicks the Contact Us button instead of the Home button.