Using the Screen Preview

The Screen Preview displays a captured image of the test application for each step in the Test Steps pane that interacts with a control. The captured image can show the full desktop, the application window, or only the active window. Captured images represent the state of the application before its associated step is executed.

  1. In the Test Steps pane, select the step that contains the year of the car. Enter 2010. In the Screen Preview, the screen captured during playback appears next to the screen captured during the recording of the visual test. The control for this step, the browser window, is highlighted by a black box.
    Result Differences

  2. In the Screen Preview, click Actions > Show Differences > Off. The Visual test screen closes and the Playback screen opens.
  3. Click Actions > Zoom > 75%, then use the scroll bars to position the page so that it displays the year clearly.
  4. Switch to the visual test. In the Test Steps pane, click Actions > Visual test Window.