General Properties

The General property category includes the following properties:

Title on message box
Determines the text that displays in the title bar of the message box. The default value is Silk Test.

To change the default, type a value or click Select to assign a value as message box title.

Message text
Specifies the text content that displays in the message box. Virtually any information available to a visual test can be used in the message content.

Type the message content directly or click Select to assign a value as message text.

To combine literal text and other information such as data returned to a variable, click Select and select Expression from the menu. Use the Expression Designer to create the combined string.

For example, to display descriptive text with a count of the number of items in a ComboBox, the expression might look similar to the following code:

"Message box text is: " + ToString (intCount)


"Message box text is: " is the descriptive text string

+ is the Operator used to combine strings

ToString (intCount) is a variable that holds the number of items in the control intCount converted to a string using the ToString () conversion function.

Displays the number of ActiveData assets whose data files are associated with the visual test.

Associate active ActiveData assets with the visual test by clicking Browse for ActiveData in the value area to select assets using the Browse for ActiveData dialog box.

Displays the name of an ActiveData asset associated with the visual test.