Reviewing the ActiveData File

When creating an ActiveData asset, you can either select an existing data file or create a new file to contain the data used by the asset. In this tutorial, you will use an existing file named customers.csv, a comma-separated file containing customer information. This file is located in the Examples folder of your Silk Test Workbench installation directory.

Each column of the customers.csv file corresponds to a field used to enter a customer into the database, with the exception of the Age column, which will be used in a later lesson in this tutorial.

When using ActiveData for this test, Silk Test Workbench plays back the test and repeats the steps that enter customer information, each time using data for a different customer, until each customer in the file is entered into the database.

Tip: In the ActiveData file, password values are encoded text.

The ActiveData file contains the following columns:

Next, create the ActiveData test asset and associate it with the visual test.