Inserting a Flag in the Test Steps Pane

Insert a flag to help you keep in mind an issue in a visual test or result.

  1. Open the visual test or result in which you want to insert a flag.
  2. In the Test Steps pane of a visual test or the Passed tab, Failed tab, Flags tab, or Details tab of a result, select the step in which to insert a flag.
  3. Click Actions > Flag > Insert. You can also access the Flag dialog box, by double-clicking the cell in the Flag column of the step in which you want to insert a flag. The Flag dialog box opens.
  4. Optional: Enter a description of the flag in the Description text box. The description displays in a ToolTip when you move your pointer over the Flag or Assigned Flag icon.
  5. Optional: Assign the flag to another user by checking the Show on Start Screen and assign to check box and selecting a user. The flag appears on the Start Screen of the assigned user.
  6. Click OK. Depending on the options you selected in the Flag dialog box, a Flag icon or Assigned Flag icon appears in the Flag column of the selected step. For a result flag, the flag is saved immediately after you click OK. For a visual test flag, you must save the visual test to save the flag.