Turning Result Recording On or Off

By default, Silk Test Workbench creates a result for each playback of a visual test or script. You can prevent Silk Test Workbench from creating a result after playback by setting the Result option in the Playback Results options or in the Playback dialog box, which appears by default when you playback a visual test or script.

  1. Choose Tools > Options. The Options dialog box opens with the General options listed by default.
  2. Double-click the Playback option from the tree view and click Results. The right pane of the dialog box displays the available result options.
  3. To turn off result recording, select Do not save this result from the Result option list.
  4. To turn on result recording, select one of the following options from the Result option list.
    • Save results with a new run number – Results for the playback are saved with an incremental run number. This is the default selection.
    • Append results to current run number – Results from the current playback are appended to the results of the latest existing run number. A new run number is not created. This setting only appears with an existing result.
    • Overwrite existing run number with new results – Results from the previous playback are overwritten with the results of this playback, using the run number from the previous playback. This setting only appears after the first time the visual test or script is played back.
  5. Click OK.