Deleting Test Steps Using the Screen Preview

Since captured test application images in the Screen Preview are associated with test steps, when deleting any captured image using the Screen Preview, you can also delete any associated test steps from the Test Steps pane. This includes:

  • All associated automation test steps.

  • All other types of single-node test steps.

  • All verification test steps.

You cannot delete decision and repetition logic test steps associated with the captured image being deleted from the Screen Preview. This ensures the logic is preserved and the visual test plays back correctly. You must manually delete decision and repetition test steps directly from the Test Steps pane.

  1. In the Test Steps pane, select the test step of the captured image to delete. In the Screen Preview, the captured image appears.
  2. Select the captured image in the Screen Preview.
  3. Press Delete. A message appears asking you to delete the screen item and its associated steps.
  4. Perform one of the following steps:
    • Click Yes to delete the captured image and its associated test steps in the Test Steps pane.
    • Click No to delete just the captured image in the Screen Preview and keep the associated test steps.
    • Click Cancel to close the message without deleting any thumbnails.