Timer Properties

The Timer properties category includes the following properties:
Timer Action
Sets the action of the timer test step.
  • Start – Starts the timer. When the timer stops, the timer is reset to 0. If you try to start a timer that is already running, an error occurs.
  • Stop – Stops the timer. The timer retains the amount of time and you can restart it using the Resume action if necessary.
  • Resume – Restarts a timer that was stopped using the Stop action. The timer resumes counting from the amount of time that was recorded previously.
  • Reset – Resets the time to 0.
Timer Number
Sets the timer number. When timing multiple conditions, you can differentiate the timers by assigning a unique number for each timer. Select a timer number from the list. You can include up to 10 timers in a visual test. This property is only available when verifying the time taken to run a sequence of steps.