Code Window

Use the Code window to record, design, and modify scripts.

To access the Code window, open an existing script or create a script.

Main Page

When you open the Code window, the Main page is populated with a basic template. After you record a script, the Main page contains all the steps that you record. You can manually type code in this page as well. The Main page also displays in the Properties pane in the Files category.

Properties Pane

Use the Properties pane to add, view, or modify application configurations, files, parameters, and script references. The Properties pane contains the following categories:
  • Application Configurations – Expand this category to list the application configurations for the script.
  • Files – Expand this category to display the Main page of the Code window and any additional files that you have added. The Main page contains all the steps that you record.
  • Parameters – Expand this category to view the input and output parameters for the script. You can add, edit, and delete input and output parameters if necessary.
  • References – Expand this category to view the references for the script library. You can add and delete references if necessary.