Viewing Multiple Versions of an Asset

Silk Test Workbench automatically stores versions of all asset types. Each time you modify an asset, a new version of that asset is stored in the database. At any time, you can view a list of all the versions of an asset and version information, including by whom the asset was last modified, the date and time of the modification, and the version number.

Silk Test Workbench only references the active version of an asset.

  1. Choose View > Asset Browser or select Get Started > Asset Browser in the Start Screen.
  2. Select the appropriate asset type in the Asset Types list to display the list of assets.
  3. In the list of assets, right-click the desired asset and choose Show All Versions. The Version Detail dialog box opens.
  4. You can use the buttons across the bottom of the Version Detail dialog box to open, duplicate, delete, and close versions of the asset.
  5. Make any version the currently active version by selecting it and clicking Make Active Version.