Stepping Through Visual Test Playback from a Selected Point

During debugging, you can execute the visual test line-by-line from where playback was suspended by a breakpoint.

  1. Set a breakpoint at a specific step in the visual test.
  2. Press F5 to playback the visual test. Playback executes to the breakpoint, suspends and enters debug mode. The next step to be played back is highlighted in yellow in the Test Steps pane.
  3. Press F8 to playback the highlighted step. If the step executes successfully, playback re-enters Debug mode and the next step to be played back highlights in yellow. If the step does not playback successfully, the Playback Error dialog box opens.
  4. Press F8 to step through playback of the remaining steps in the visual test. Playback executes to the set breakpoint. The visual test displays in debug mode where you can step through the playback execution, control the step playback execution, or playback to/from certain points in the visual test. While stepping through a visual test, use the Local Variables window to get a snapshot of variable use at critical points in the execution of any test. During debugging, you can also configure visual tests to playback from a specific step.