SAP Class Reference

When you configure a SAP application, Silk Test Workbench automatically provides built-in support for testing standard SAP controls.

Note: To enable Silk Test Workbench to recognize SAP controls, enable SAP GUI Scripting on the server. For information on enabling SAP GUI scripting, see Introduction to SAP Gui Scripting. If SAP GUI Scripting is not enabled, Silk Test Workbench recognizes all controls as Win32 and custom controls.

The classes included in the SAP class reference, along with all included properties and methods, are part of the SAP Automation module that is directly accessible through Silk Test Workbench.

Note: The interface, including the underlying algorithms and the behavior of the interface, is not under the control of Silk Test Workbench. Visual tests leverage properties and methods of the listed SAP classes only as far as simple data types are involved. For example, you cannot call the GetCell method of the SAPTable class from a visual test, but you can call the method from a VB .NET script.