Configuring Visual Test Playback

You can configure different aspects of visual test playback behavior such as how the visual test handles verifications, the timing and synchronization of the visual test with the test application, the use of a result and the content that appears in a result, among others.

There are two primary methods for configuring the behavior of visual test playback. The first is to set values for various playback options in the Options dialog box. Playback options set in the Options dialog box are global options that Silk Test Workbench automatically applies to all subsequent visual test playback. Choose Tools > Options to set these configuration options.

The second method is to insert a Set playback setting step in a visual test and override the global playback option values. Setting playback options in a Set playback setting step does not permanently change the default global playback option as it appears in the Options dialog box. A Set playback setting step only changes the playback option for the visual test in which the step appears.

You can also return the current values of playback options to a variable in a visual test, and use the variable in expressions, test logic, or anywhere a variable can be used.