Reserved Variables

Silk Test Workbench exposes data about visual test playback that can be used during visual test playback. This data includes information about the success or failure of overall and specific playback results, current values input to controls, or text of the most recent error, or information about the last step executed. The exposed playback data can have many uses. For example, you can build conditions based on the success or failure of an executed step. The conditions can be used to determine how to react to the results during playback.

Visual test playback data is held in Reserved variables. Reserved variables are defined by Silk Test Workbench. They are read-only, which means their values can be returned and used in a visual test, but the values cannot be set by users. All reserved variables begin with a "st_" prefix.

Reserved variables can be returned as the value of any property that can use a variable as its value.

Reserved variables are bi-directionally inherited between visual tests executed in the same test. For example, if Visual test B is inserted in Visual test A, then Visual test B inherits the reserved variable values of Visual test A. Conversely, after Visual test B plays back, Visual test A inherits the reserved variable values of Visual test B.

Use the Select a Variable dialog box to select reserved variables for use in a visual test.