Advantages of Visual Tests

Visual tests provide the following advantages:
  • Record and edit tests against test applications without generating a programming language based script.
  • Visually set actions and values against controls in test applications at the test step level.
  • See the relationship between a text-based action step in a visual test and the object of the action.
  • Take greater ownership in the testing process (for users familiar with business processes being automated).
  • Leverage existing scripts and all other existing test assets by using them in visual tests.
  • Recapture test applications and controls during testing without requiring access to the application being tested.
  • Update screen captures automatically as test applications are updated without having to rewrite tests.
  • Collaborate test project issues, assignments and other test team information using flags.
  • Test against an application by playing back a visual test. Visual tests can by played back for application testing at any time. Visual tests can:
    • Run automatically at a specified time of day.
    • Run entirely unattended.
    • Interact with users to receive confidential information such as IDs and passwords.