Flex Automated Testing Playback

When the user clicks the Playback button in Silk Test Workbench, the following events occur:

  1. For each script call, Silk Test Workbench contacts the Silk Test Agent and sends the information for the script call to be executed. This information includes the complete window declaration, the event name, and parameters.
  2. The Silk Test Agent forwards that information to the FlexTechDomain.
  3. The FlexTechDomain uses AutomaionManager.resolveIDToSingleObject with the window declaration information. The AutomationManager returns the resolved object based on the descriptive information (automationName, automationIndex, id, and so on).
  4. Once the Flex control is resolved, FlexTechDomain calls AutomationManager.replayAutomatableEvent() to replay the event.
  5. The AutomationManager.replayAutomatableEvent() method invokes the IAutomationObject.replayAutomatableEvent() method on the delegate class. The delegate uses the IAutomationObjectHelper.replayMouseEvent() method (or one of the other replay methods, such as replayKeyboardEvent()) to play back the event.
  6. If there are verifications in your script, FlexTechDomain invokes AutomationManager.getProperties() to access the values that must be verified.