Viewing Specific Steps in a Visual Test

You can customize which test steps display in a visual test to only view certain steps. Filtering steps to display in a visual test help to quickly understand the nature of a test, and focus on only the steps that require review. If recording additional actions in a visual test that only displays certain types of steps, only the recorded actions that meet the display criteria display after recording. Change the view option to Steps and Screens to display the other newly recorded steps.

  1. With the visual test open in the Test Steps pane, choose Actions > View.
  2. Select a view option for steps in the visual test:
  3. Click Steps Only to hide any steps in the visual test only interact with screens.
  4. Click Screens Only to hide any steps that perform test actions.
  5. Click Steps and Screens to view all test steps in a visual test. This is the default view setting.
  6. Click Step Description to display the Description column in the Test Steps pane. This column is hidden by default. Steps that include a description show the Test Step Description icon in the Description column. Enter a description for a test step by updating the Description value for the step in the Properties pane.