Copying and Pasting Test Steps

You can copy and paste any test steps other than the <<Start>> and <<End>> steps into an open visual test. When copying and pasting test steps, consider the following:

  • Silk Test Workbench copies test steps to the clipboard in the sequential order they appear in a visual test and not the order in which you select them. For example, if you select test step 5 before selecting test step 2, and then copy both to the clipboard, when you paste these test steps into a visual test, Silk Test Workbench pastes test step 2 followed by test step 5.

  • Copying a Screen test step does not copy the associated test steps.

  • To ensure the uniqueness of Label test steps, Silk Test Workbench appends "_1" when copying and pasting a Label test step.

  • Copying a Repeat or End Repeat test step also copies the associated End Repeat or Repeat test step.

  • Copying an If or End If test step copies any associated decision logic test steps (If, Else, Else If, End If), however, the dependent test steps contained in the decision logic test steps are not copied.

  • You cannot copy multiple Else or Else If test steps to the clipboard unless you copy all decision logic test steps (If, Else, Else If, End If). When pasting an Else If test step, Silk Test Workbench only allows you to paste the step in the proper context.

  1. With the visual test open in the Test Steps pane, select the step or steps to copy.

    You can select multiple sequential or non-sequential steps, and then copy and paste them as a sequential group.

  2. Choose Edit > Copy.

    Paste the copied step(s) into a different visual test by opening that visual test in which you want to paste the copied steps. To move the selected step(s) instead of copying them, choose Edit > Cut.

  3. Select the test step that you want the copied steps to appear after.
  4. Choose Edit > Paste. Silk Test Workbench pastes the copied test steps into the visual test after the selected step.