Silk4NET User Guide
Welcome to Silk4NET 21.0
Licensing Information
What's New in Silk4NET
Getting Started with Silk4NET
Working with Silk4NET Projects
Creating Silk4NET Tests
Replaying Tests
Analyzing Test Results
Silk Test Open Agent
Base State
Application Configuration
Setting Script Options
Silk4NET Sample Tests
Object Recognition
Object Maps
Image Recognition Support
Enhancing Tests
Recording Additional Actions Into an Existing Test
Calling Windows DLLs
Custom Controls
Improving Object Recognition with Microsoft Accessibility
Overview of Silk4NET Support of Unicode Content
Microsoft UI Automation
Text Recognition Support
Inserting a Result Comment in a Script
Measuring Execution Time
Slowing Down Tests
Testing Applications in Multiple UI Sessions on a Single Machine
Encrypting Passwords
Using Keyword-Driven Tests as Performance Tests
Debugging Scripts
Testing Specific Environments
Apache Flex Support
Configuring Flex Applications to Run in Adobe Flash Player
Launching the Component Explorer
Testing Apache Flex Applications
Testing Apache Flex Custom Controls
Customizing Apache Flex Scripts
Testing Multiple Flex Applications on the Same Web Page
Adobe AIR Support
Overview of the Flex Select Method Using Name or Index
Selecting an Item in the FlexDataGrid Control
Enabling Your Flex Application for Testing
Styles in Apache Flex Applications
Configuring Flex Applications for Adobe Flash Player Security Restrictions
Attributes for Apache Flex Applications
Why Cannot Silk4NET Recognize Apache Flex Controls?
Java AWT/Swing Support
Java SWT and Eclipse RCP Support
Testing Mobile Applications
Recording Mobile Applications
Selecting the Mobile Device for Test Replay
Using Devices from UFT Mobile Directly from Silk4NET
Using Devices from UFT Mobile through Silk Central
Installing the Certificate for an HTTPS Connection to UFT Mobile
Changing the UFT Mobile Password
Using SauceLabs Devices
Connection String for a Mobile Device
Interacting with a Mobile Device
Releasing a Mobile Device
Using the setLocation Method when Testing a Mobile Application
Troubleshooting when Testing Mobile Applications
Limitations for Testing Mobile Web Applications
Limitations for Testing Native Mobile Applications
Dynamically Invoking Methods for Native Mobile Apps
Clicking on Objects in a Mobile Website
Using Existing Mobile Web Tests
.NET Support
Rumba Support
SAP Support
Universal Windows Platform Support
Windows API-Based Application Support
Cross-Browser Testing
Selecting the Browser for Test Replay
Test Objects for xBrowser
Object Recognition for xBrowser Objects
Page Synchronization for xBrowser
Comparing API Playback and Native Playback for xBrowser
Setting Mouse Move Preferences
Browser Configuration Settings for xBrowser
Configuring the Locator Generator for xBrowser
Connection String for a Remote Desktop Browser
Testing Browsers on a Remote Windows Machine
Testing Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on a Mac
Setting Capabilities for WebDriver-Based Browsers
Testing with Apple Safari on a Mac
Testing with Google Chrome
Testing with Mozilla Firefox
Testing with Microsoft Edge
Responsive Web Design Testing
Detecting Visual Breakpoints
Improving iframe Performance
Testing Additional Browser Versions
Cross-Browser Testing: Frequently Asked Questions
Starting a Browser from a Script
Finding Hidden Input Fields
Attributes for Web Applications
Custom Attributes for Web Applications
xBrowser Class Reference
Limitations for Testing on Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Windows 8.1
Supported Attribute Types
Keyword-Driven Tests
Known Issues
Silk4NET Language Reference
Common Class Reference
Core Class Reference
Data Types
Flex Class Reference
FlexAccordion Class
FlexAdvancedDataGrid Class
FlexAlert Class
FlexApplication Class
FlexAreaChart Class
FlexAreaSeries Class
FlexAxisRenderer Class
FlexBarChart Class
FlexBarSeries Class
FlexBox Class
FlexBubbleChart Class
FlexBubbleSeries Class
FlexButton Class
FlexButtonBar Class
FlexCandlestickChart Class
FlexCandlestickSeries Class
FlexCanvas Class
FlexCartesianChart Class
FlexChart Class
FlexChartLegend Class
FlexChartSeries Class
FlexCheckBox Class
FlexColorPicker Class
FlexColumnChart Class
FlexColumnSeries Class
FlexComboBase Class
FlexComboBox Class
FlexContainer Class
FlexContainerMovieClip Class
FlexDataGrid Class
FlexDateChooser Class
FlexDateField Class
FlexDisplayObject Class
FlexDividedBox Class
FlexForm Class
FlexFormItem Class
FlexHLOCChart Class
FlexHLOCSeries Class
FlexHLOCSeriesBase Class
FlexImage Class
FlexLabel Class
FlexLineChart Class
FlexLineSeries Class
FlexLinkBar Class
FlexList Class
FlexListBase Class
FlexListLabel Class
FlexLoader Class
FlexMenu Class
FlexMenuBar Class
FlexNavigationBar Class
FlexNumericStepper Class
FlexObject Class
FlexOLAPDataGrid Class
FlexPanel Class
FlexPieChart Class
FlexPieSeries Class
FlexPlotChart Class
FlexPlotSeries Class
FlexPopUpButton Class
FlexProgressBar Class
FlexRadioButton Class
FlexRepeater Class
FlexRule Class
FlexScrollBar Class
FlexScrollBase Class
FlexSlider Class
FlexStandalonePlayer Class
FlexTabNavigator Class
FlexTextArea Class
FlexTitleWindow Class
FlexToggleButtonBar Class
FlexTree Class
FlexUIMovieClip Class
FlexVideoDisplay Class
FlexViewStack Class
FlexWindow Class
FlexWindowedApplication Class
SparkAirHTML Class
SparkApplication Class
SparkBorderContainer Class
SparkButton Class
SparkButtonBar Class
SparkButtonBarButton Class
SparkButtonBase Class
SparkCheckBox Class
SparkComboBox Class
SparkComplexDisplay Class
SparkDataGrid Class
SparkDataGridLabel Class
SparkDataGroup Class
SparkDataRenderer Class
SparkDropDownList Class
SparkDropDownListBase Class
SparkForm Class
SparkFormItem Class
SparkGroup Class
SparkGroupBase Class
SparkImage Class
SparkLabel Class
SparkList Class
SparkListBase Class
SparkListLabel Class
SparkMuteButton Class
SparkNavigatorContent Class
SparkNumericStepper Class
SparkObject Class
SparkPanel Class
SparkPopUpAnchor Class
SparkRadioButton Class
SparkRange Class
SparkRichEditableText Class
SparkRichText Class
SparkScrollBar Class
SparkSkinnableContainer Class
SparkSkinnableContainerBase Class
SparkSkinnableDataContainer Class
SparkSkinnablePopUpContainer Class
SparkSkinnableTextBase Class
SparkSlider Class
SparkSpinner Class
SparkTabBar Class
SparkTextArea Class
SparkTextBase Class
SparkTextInput Class
SparkTileGroup Class
SparkTitleWindow Class
SparkToggleButton Class
SparkToggleButtonBase Class
SparkTrackBase Class
SparkVideoDisplay Class
SparkVideoPlayer Class
SparkVolumeBar Class
SparkWindow Class
SparkWindowedApplication Class
Java SWT Class Reference
Keyword-Driven Testing Class Reference
Mobile Class Reference
Rumba Class Reference
SAP Class Reference
Silverlight Class Reference
Java AWT and Swing Class Reference
AbstractButton Class
Applet Class
AppletContainer Class
AWTButton Class
AWTCanvas Class
AWTCheckbox Class
AWTCheckboxMenuItem Class
AWTChoice Class
AWTComponent Class
AWTContainer Class
AWTDialog Class
AWTFrame Class
AWTHorizontalScrollbar Class
AWTLabel Class
AWTList Class
AWTMenu Class
AWTMenuComponent Class
AWTMenuItem Class
AWTRadioButton Class
AWTScrollbar Class
AWTScrollPane Class
AWTTextArea Class
AWTTextComponent Class
AWTTextField Class
AWTVerticalScrollbar Class
AWTWindow Class
BasicArrowButton Class
IAWTScrollable Interface
IAWTScroller Interface
IBaseScrollable Interface
IOracleFormsMenuBase Interface
IOracleFormsScrollable Interface
IOracleFormsScroller Interface
JButton Class
JCheckBox Class
JCheckBoxMenuItem Class
JColorChooser Class
JComboBox Class
JComponent Class
JDesktopPane Class
JDialog Class
JEditorPane Class
JFrame Class
JHorizontalScrollBar Class
JLabel Class
JLayeredPane Class
JList Class
JMenu Class
JMenuBar Class
JMenuItem Class
JPanel Class
JPasswordField Class
JPopupMenu Class
JProgressBar Class
JRadioButton Class
JRadioButtonMenuItem Class
JRootPane Class
JScrollBar Class
JScrollPane Class
JSlider Class
JSpinner Class
JSplitPane Class
JTabbedPane Class
JTable Class
JTableHeader Class
JTextArea Class
JTextComponent Class
JTextField Class
JTextPane Class
JToggleButton Class
JToolBar Class
JTree Class
JVerticalScrollBar Class
JViewport Class
JWindow Class
OracleFormsApplication Class
OracleFormsButton Class
OracleFormsCheckbox Class
OracleFormsChoice Class
OracleFormsComboBox Class
OracleFormsContainer Class
OracleFormsHorizontalScrollbar Class
OracleFormsLabel Class
OracleFormsListBox Class
OracleFormsListView Class
OracleFormsMenu Class
OracleFormsMenuItem Class
OracleFormsPopList Class
OracleFormsPopupMenu Class
OracleFormsRadioButton Class
OracleFormsScrollbar Class
OracleFormsStatusArea Class
OracleFormsStatusBar Class
OracleFormsStatusBarItem Class
OracleFormsStatusIndicator Class
OracleFormsTabBar Class
OracleFormsTabBarItem Class
OracleFormsTabPanel Class
OracleFormsTextField Class
OracleFormsTitleBar Class
OracleFormsToolBar Class
OracleFormsToolBarItem Class
OracleFormsTree Class
OracleFormsVerticalScrollbar Class
SplitPaneDivider Class
UI Automation Class Reference
Win32 Class Reference
Windows Forms Class Reference
WPF Class Reference
IWPFScrollable Interface
WPFBase Class
WPFButton Class
WPFButtonBase Class
WPFCalendar Class
WPFCheckBox Class
WPFColumnHeader Class
WPFComboBox Class
WPFComboBoxItem Class
WPFContentControl Class
WPFContextMenu Class
WPFControl Class
WPFDataGrid Class
WPFDataGridCell Class
WPFDataGridColumnHeader Class
WPFDataGridRow Class
WPFDataGridRowHeader Class
WPFDatePicker Class
WPFDocumentViewer Class
WPFDocumentViewerBase Class
WPFDrawingVisual Class
WPFExpander Class
WPFFlowDocumentPageViewer Class
WPFFlowDocumentReader Class
WPFFlowDocumentScrollViewer Class
WPFFrame Class
WPFFrameworkContentElement Class
WPFFrameworkElement Class
WPFGridSplitter Class
WPFGroupBox Class
WPFHeaderedContentControl Class
WPFHeaderedItemsControl Class
WPFHyperlink Class
WPFImage Class
WPFItemsControl Class
WPFLabel Class
WPFListBox Class
WPFListBoxItem Class
WPFListView Class
WPFListViewItem Class
WPFMediaElement Class
WPFMenu Class
WPFMenuBase Class
WPFMenuItem Class
WPFMultiSelector Class
WPFNavigationWindow Class
WPFPage Class
WPFPasswordBox Class
WPFPopup Class
WPFProgressBar Class
WPFRadioButton Class
WPFRangeBase Class
WPFRepeatButton Class
WPFRichTextBox Class
WPFScrollBar Class
WPFScrollViewer Class
WPFSelector Class
WPFSlider Class
WPFStatusBar Class
WPFStatusBarItem Class
WPFStickyNoteControl Class
WPFTabControl Class
WPFTabItem Class
WPFTextBlock Class
WPFTextBox Class
WPFTextBoxBase Class
WPFThumb Class
WPFTickBar Class
WPFToggleButton Class
WPFToolBar Class
WPFToolBarTray Class
WPFToolkitCalendar Class
WPFToolkitDataGrid Class
WPFToolkitDataGridCell Class
WPFToolkitDataGridColumnHeader Class
WPFToolkitDataGridRow Class
WPFToolkitDataGridRowHeader Class
WPFToolkitDatePicker Class
WPFToolTip Class
WPFTrack Class
WPFTreeView Class
WPFTreeViewItem Class
WPFUserControl Class
WPFViewport3D Class
WPFVisual3D Class
WPFWindow Class
xBrowser Class Reference