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Verastream Host Integrator Release Notes

These release notes list the features and known issues in this release and information on how to obtain the product. VHI integration encapsulates host functionality into services for rapid re-use in new applications.

Enhancements and fixes which shipped in previous releases are included in this release. All releases are cumulative.

What's New in 7.8 Service Pack 1

This version of VHI provides increased usability enhancements as well as addressing security vulnerabilities.

  • VHI now ships version 1.8.0_302 of the Java Development Kit (JDK).
  • In the Administrative Console on the Session Server Properties dialog box, the Security panel has been renamed to Access Control.
  • There is now the option to disable the debug port on the Java event handler.
  • Fixed line endings and formatting of various Linux shell scripts included with the product.
  • Previously the default option for the Save Window Position setting was labeled Default. This label has been changed to Disabled, which remains the default option.
  • The VHI session server is now available in a Docker container. The necessary scripts and Docker file are available when installing the product. Documentation is also available in the Installation Guide.
  • The VHI documentation has been reformatted to update its functionality. You can now view the documentation in your browser.
  • The Design Tool and VMR Viewer now support PDF formatted output and data can be exported to a PDF using the Export button. The command line tool vmr.exe also supports PDF formatted output and data can be exported using the -d option.
  • Procedures that use the modelx format now maintain the Available for SQL queries and Hide in web services or Web Builder properties as selected in the Design Tool.
  • The server running the sample applications and installed help now only listens on localhost.
  • The web services HTTPS port 9681 now offers TLS 1.2 protocol only.
  • TLS connections from the Design Tool and session server to the host are restricted to TLS 1.2 protocol only.
  • SSH connections are now having a "known hosts" check. The server must be in that file now for a successful connection.

What's New in 7.8 Update 2

What's New in 7.8 Update 1

General updates and configuration changes

  • VHI now ships version 1.8.0_252 of the Java Development Kit (JDK).
  • Addressed CVE-2020-11842. Please see this security alert for more details.
  • The .NET Connector now negotiates all TLS protocols and is no longer limited to TLS 1.0.
  • On Unix systems, the server.log file is now written to the hostintegrator/sesssrvr/logs directory.
  • Previously, if you set filter column values to Not Required in the Tables dialog, a corrupted XML model resulted. This is no longer the case.

What's New in 7.8

Configuration changes

  • VHI now ships version 1.8.0_242 of the Java Development Kit (JDK).
  • The session server and management server RMI export ports are now fixed to a documented port number by default.
  • Fixed "Token is invalid" errors in the management server that could occur when replacing the management cluster keypair with a CA signed keypair.

Design Tool enhancements

  • A new file format for model projects is now used by default. This provides better team coordination using source control systems.
  • VHI now supports adding a prefix to model debug file names via the connector APIs and web services. This makes it easier to sort model debug files by category. See - About Model and Environment Variables in the documentation.
  • A new option to select or clear all has been added to the Attributes Test dialog box.
  • Vmr.exe now supports html formatted output by using the -h command line option.
  • The Procedure Test dialog box is now non-modal. This means that the dialog will stay open while changes are being made to the model.
  • In previous releases the Initial Design Tool window position preferences were unreliable, they now behave as described in the Settings documentation.
  • Windows 7 has been removed from the list of supported platforms and is no longer supported.

Known Issues

  • The Linux version of Verastream Host Integrator 7.7 SP2 has a dependency on libncurses5. If it is not already installed, you will need to manually install libncurses5, which can be done before or after the install process. Use your Linux distribution's package manager to install libncurses5. For example, on SLES, run sudo zypper install libncurses5 to install the library. On SLES 15 you may need to enable the Legacy Module to successfully install libncurses5.
  • When installing or upgrading VHI, you may encounter this error message: "The Java scripting manager failed to initialize". The likely cause is that the value of the system environment variable, VHI_ROOT, set at install time, was not updated to the correct install folder.

Micro Focus Technical Support is always available to help you with any issues you may encounter in VHI.

Installing the Product

Read the Installation Guide for information on system and installation requirements, upgrade instructions, and other helpful tips.

Contacting Micro Focus

For specific product issues, contact Micro Focus Technical Support.

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