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Generating a CICS Web Service Client Application from a WSDL File

Starting with a WSDL file, you can generate a CICS Web Service client application. You can do this from aVisual COBOL project, or by using the ws2ls command.

Attention: This feature is in Early Adopter Product (EAP) release status. We intend to provide the finalized feature in a future release. Please contact Micro Focus SupportLine if you require further clarification.

The CICS Web Services feature is EAP for development and testing usage. It should not be used for production deployment in this product release

Starting with an existing WSDL file, Visual COBOL can generate a CICS Web Service (CWS) client application that you can deploy to Enterprise Server. The generated client application files consist of the following, where by default, filename is the first eight characters of the file prefix of the WSDL file:

Main CICS COBOL program
Proxy CICS COBOL program called by the main CICS COBOL program
Copybook containing working storage definitions
Binds the CWS client to the appropriate CICS Web service.

Visual COBOL adds these generated files as a new project in the current solution. The new project name is the same as the WSDL file prefix.

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