Detecting Data Keys Set Up to Act as Function Keys

If a data key has been set up to act as a function key, it terminates the ACCEPT operation when pressed, and key-status is set up as follows:

Data Item Setting
key-type "3"
key-code-1 Set to the ASCII code of the key that was pressed.
key-code-2 Undefined.


* Set up the characters "A" through "Z" to terminate the
* ACCEPT operation
     move 1 to data-key-setting
     move "A" to first-data-key
     move 26 to number-of-data-keys
     call x"AF" using set-bit-pairs
     accept data-item at 0101
     if key-type = "3"
         evaluate key-code-1
          when 65    display "A pressed"
          when 66    display "B pressed"
          when 90    display "Z pressed"