Compile for Animation (-a)

Compiles the COBOL source files (with extension .cbl, .CBL or .cob) input to the cob command into an intermediate code file (with the extension .int) and Animator information files (with extension .idy), both of which are used by Animator.

Any object module files (with extension .o), C source files, or assembler source files input to the cob command are linked with the COBOL libraries to form a single system executable file, which also can be used by Animator. This enables you to animate programs that call, or are called by, programs that are written in languages other than COBOL.

The -a flag does not specify an end point for cob processing, only the type of intermediate code file produced by the COBOL Compiler.

Because this is the default action for the cob command, you do not actually have to specify the -a flag on the cob command line. However, you might find it useful to do so for clarity in your coding.

For example, if you use the command:

cob -a myfile.cbl c.o

The files, myfile.idy and c are created. The file c contains the run-time system and the file c.o. The command:

cob myfile.cbl c.o

has the same effect. To animate, use the commands:

export COBSW