Map Symbol to New Symbol (-m symb=newsym)

Maps unresolved symbol symb to newsym, which must already have been defined in a COBOL module; that is, any call to symb will go to newsym.

You also can use this flag to map parts of linked executables produced by cob onto user-supplied routines or tailored modules. Possible RTS symbols that can be mapped are:

Symbol Description
sqfile sequential fixed-length record file-handler
ixfile indexed fixed-length record file-handler
rlfile relative fixed-length record file-handler
lsfilev line sequential variable-length record file-handler
sqfilev sequential variable-length record file-handler
ixfilev indexed variable-length record file-handler
rlfilev relative variable-length record file-handler

When mapping symbols from any of the COBOL libraries, such as the file handler symbols above, if newsym has unresolved references to a user library, use the +L and +l flags to specify the library search path and name to ensure references from the COBOL libraries to the new symbols are correctly located.

If you do use this option to substitute the file handler supplied by Micro Focus with your own file handler, your file handler must conform to the Micro Focus Callable File Handler interface standard. Additionally, you can use the -m flag to link with the RTS a version of C-ISAM other than the version supplied with your Micro Focus COBOL system.